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about us and our ministry – Evangelische Gemeinschaft Marburg-Süd

The Evangelische Gemeinschaft Marburg-Süd, literally Protestant Community Marburg-Süd, is an open and growing christian community in the middle of the south part of Marburg. Our name says it all: „For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them“, (Matthew 18:20).

Ev. Gemeinschaft Marburg Süd Gottesdienst Sonntagsgottesdienst

Schwanallee 37, in 35037 Marburg

And in his name young and old people come together in big and in small groups in our church: The kids have their place in the youth group and can get rid of their energy at the Funta-Kids. Even teenagers are not left out, they have a place to meet every Saturday at ec-teenkreis sola4you.  If they become older, starting at age 18, Friday is their evening with ec-jems.  You find small-groups for all age groups. And our elderly gather every Monday for Monday-Bible-Study-Group in our church building in the Schwanallee 37, Marburg.

Sonntagsgottesdienst - Evangelische Gemeinschaft Marburg Süd - Gemeinde für alle
On Sunday we meet at Sunday Church Service  (at same time Kids Sundy School).

Jungschar power marburg süd evangelische gemeinde gemeinschaft

  •  Sunday Service, Sunday, 10 am (at the same time  Kids Sunday School)
  •  Monday Bible Study, Mo., 4pm
  •  Jungschar Königsjungschar, Tue, 5pm (8-12 years)
  •  ec-jems, Fri, 7pm (from about 18 years)
  •  ec-teenkreis sola4you, Sat, 6pm (13-17 years)
  •  small groups, men's group and more.

Hauskreise Evangelische Gemeinschaft Marburg Süd

These are just the regular groups and meetings. One sees in the community each has a place – even you: Welcome!

What is important in our community work, we have tried to summarize in a few sentences – our parish mission statement:

 Win people for Jesus,
 Encourage Christians in faith,
 live for the glory of God.

What is important to us:
• We trust the Bible as the Word of God, our guideline.
• We are committed to the worship of God – in songs, prayers, attitudes, conversations and actions.
• We participate in mission in our city and around the world.
• We encourage people in discipleship, offer pastoral care and take them also true.
• We want to recognize our gifts and use them.

Our church is financed entirely by voluntary donations from our members and friends. Through these gifts, it is possible for us to send in full-time two Christians in the community work (the Youth Pastor and the Preacher). They set in with full force for the community work. But not alone because our community thrives on the volunteer work of many members and friends.

Our church is headed by an elected Directing Board, assisted in the ongoing work of the so-called Staff Forum. In this forum, besides the Board all team leaders (children, youth, public relations, social welfare, …) come together. For big and important questions the entire community is involved.


We as a community do not live isolated (Ephesians 4:15-16). All around us there are a number of churches, congregations, free churches, communities, Christian groups and works. With our brothers and sisters in the Lord, we are actively connected in ecumenical networks, such as the Evangelical Alliance Marburg.

ec jems marburg young group church

Our work with children and young people, for example ec-jems is organized in Christian Endeavor (CE). Here, Christian Endeavor (CE) runs under the name Entschieden für Christus (EC) – which basically means the same thing: ‘Decided(ly) for Christ’.

Christian Endeavor in Marburg

Just come by! If you have any more questions, we’re happy to help you – see contact.